“I’ve already inquired about it. The developer is now involved in a very convoluted lawsuit filled with various debts and disputes. In order to figure out the details, even more lawsuits are needed. In the end, who knows how many years it will take. Thus, this place can be considered an abandoned wasteland.As the vehicle drove forward, sharp and miserable screams could be heard coming from both sides of the street. Some suspicious looking people would even cast their gazes at their vehicle. However, Chen Xiaolian simply revealed one of his guns through the window. Seeing the muzzle of the gun pointing out of the vehicle, no one dared to trouble them.“Fine, just listen.” Bluesea shook his head as he looked at Chen Xiaolian from the side. He continued, “Brother Qiao’s daughter is a member of your guild, I am not. Even more so, she is your girlfriend. It is true, I may have been your friend once, but I do not believe that I hold a higher place in your heart compared to her.Nicole widened her eyes and looked around. She looked at the surrounding stars, which slowly moved backward alongside the jade white passageway beneath them. And yet, the palace remained up there, far away from them. Her mouth gaped and she said, “I never expected… Zero City, there is such a huge space hidden within Zero City… … compared to this place, Zero City is just like… … like a pigeon’s cage!”

“Forget it. I do not need you to answer it. I can guess the answer myself,” said Shen with a faint smile on his face. “He should already know. Even by giving you those three items, there is no way for you to stop me. What he wishes from you is to slow me down for a bit so that he can rush here.”Chen Xiaolian had begun by recounting how he was first sucked into an instance dungeon through the plane crash. Finally, he talked about their London instance dungeon, how he had met Mr San… his conversation with the GM, his participation in the punishment instance dungeon and also the harvest he acquired from his trip to Africa.Duwei, Gabriel and Cheng Cheng exchanged glances before sighing softly. “We had assumed that after Thirty-three Heavens is complete, we would be safe and the Development Team would be unable to find us and exert their control over us. However, we were mistaken. There was one person who cannot escape the shackles placed upon him by the system, even after hiding himself within Thirty-three Heavens.”“The second is the drop condition: When not within an instance dungeon and in this world, the metallic sphere will only drop if an Irregularity kills an Awakened! The metallic sphere will not drop when Awakened ones kill one another. This speculation was based on the time when Qiu Yun killed his companion. Back then, no metallic sphere dropped out.Chen Xiaolian read up to that point and could not help but laugh out with a “puchi”. Both Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao observed the fellow who erected the search notice. The fellow was wearing a black robe, which covered his entire body. On his face was what seemed like a metallic mask, causing his face to appear blurry and indistinct. No matter how one looked upon it, one would only see mosaic…“For example, a Player may set his external appearance to look like Daniel Wu. Thus, the appearance of the human shell that he uses after arrival does not matter. The human shell’s external looks will automatically be modified to look like Daniel Wu after the Player arrives – even if the human shell’s original appearance is that of Eric Tsang. [2]”Chen Xiaolian coughed out before saying slowly, “You see, this way, you two will be free. There will no longer be a need to keep an eye on the Big Miss. Just go back and report it to your superiors. This is no longer something that you can deal with. Just go back and report to your superior that Yu Jiajia is now in my hands.”“I do not know.” Zero shook his head. “Although these are the blockades protecting Zero City’s core, I am not the one who set them up. I can glean some superficial information, such as the way to pass through the labyrinth and the rules of this sword training stage. However, I do not have the authority to find out what will happen if the rules are broken.”

He then looked at the door. There was a safe dial, a card terminal, and a unique looking keyhole on its surface. There was no way for him to know what the combinations were for the safe dial. As for the card terminal, there was no power at the moment. Thus, the safe dial and card terminal were out of the question for him.Lun Tai dragged Qimu Xi, whose head was trickling with blood, and jumped down the bus. He then directed the others down as he continued opening fire at the zombies. After shooting down one of the incoming zombies, he gestured with his hand. “Get down! Hurry! Qiao Qiao, protect Will! Xiaolei, guard the rear with me!”Chen Xiaolian gripped the girl tightly. She was not as strong as Chen Xiaolian and was unable to struggle her way out of his grip. All she could do was hold onto the can of sardine and wait for Chen Xiaolian to release her. After Chen Xiaolian relaxed his grip, she quickly ran several steps backward and fell to the ground.

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