“Enough. Although I do not know why your strength is deteriorating… … all I need to do is to kill you, right?” Hossein got up from the ground, gasping and smiling. He continued, “I guess, if I were to hold on some more, your strength would deteriorate even further. Although that would make it easier for me to kill you, I won’t be waiting any longer. I need to hurry up and save my companions… now that you have deteriorated to this level, it just so happens that I can now kill the you at this level. Now then… … prepare to die!”Seeing how Chen Xiaolian’s face was gradually turning uglier, Bei Tai who was beside him said a few words to comfort him, “Don’t be too concerned with these mercenaries’ behaviour… this is the medieval period. Even the regular army don’t have much in way of discipline, let alone mercenaries.”“I reached a verbal agreement with Jiang Long. I had guaranteed a base amount of 10 kilogrammes per month. Even after deducting the cost, we are still getting 10,000 points per month.” Chen Xiaolian paused for a moment before continuing, “I did say that there is a possibility of providing more. However… … this matter is quite strange.”

“Roddy!” Chen Xiaolian did not explain further. After calling Roddy, he cast a solemn look at him. “After I leave, you will be a core battle strength! When the time comes, do not hesitate. If there is a need to use the Floater, then use the Floater. And if there is a need to use the Mech, then use it! Don’t try to hold anything back!”Roddy’s face turned blank for a moment. He turned to look at the hostile looking Qiao Qiao, then at Chen Xiaolian. “Just what kind of hatred is there between you two? No wait… how did you two know each other? Oh, all right… I won’t ask! I will go buy some stuff, all right? Er… However, please don’t fight one another!”“Lun Tai! We found a vehicle, but… … the vehicle is a little damaged. Xiaolei and I have no way of repairing it. Bring Roddy over! With his mechanical skill, he might be able to start this thing up! We are presently northwest of your current position. Just head northwest after going out the door and you will see a three-storey building. We will be waiting for you in the lobby. Hurry!”“Haven’t I always treated you well, little Fatty? Could that bastard Bluesea have treated you better than me?” Aunt Flame pointed at the stalwart man. “If I had not personally found out something strange going on with him and come investigate, I would probably be kept in the dark by you fellows! Humph! Something like this… you dare hide something like this from me?!”“You two need to take a trip with us.” One of the police officer who looked like the leader said, “Until the woman in the bed wakes up and testify that you are innocence, you will need to wait in police custody. Naturally, you have the right to make calls. If you have any friends in your native country that you want to call or if you want to hire a lawyer, you can do so.”“I know that you will surely be unable to accept this decision. But the rules are the rules. The reason Zero City could remain standing up to this day is due to these rules and constraints. All of us here must adhere by these rules and constraints. Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild is not the only one, all of us here must abide by it.”Fatty smirked and said slowly, “It’s a very simple matter. The way I see it, I will be confined to the boss’ residence for somewhere around ten days to half a month’s time. The boss is afraid that I might provoke some trouble. So, he is probably not going to allow me to go out anymore. But sitting here is boring for me. So, I want to get some items to play with to kill time with.“Bannered head rider. See how he does not wear any hat on his head; and how his hair is hanging loosely. That is why they are called bannered head rider,” Chen Xiaolian let out a bitter smile. “They are considered the Imperial Palace’s mounted defenders. Sometimes, they play the role of honour guards. However, it is said that the defenders of Qin’s Imperial palace are all handpicked elites.”

“Very well, now please proceed with the visitor’s registration,” The receptionist said in a languid manner. “If you have entered Zero City before, all you need to do is carry out an identification scan for verification and you will obtain the Entry Permit. If this is your first time coming to Zero City, then you will be required to perform an identity authentication through the teleportation array. After authentication, we will register the information for each of your identities. The next time you come, you will be able to enter smoothly – please trust me, this method is simply for the sake of preventing normal people from accidentally entering our world.”Theoretically speaking, by holding onto a beginner’s light sabre, you can go find a monster and fight it for about 300 rounds. You will then have a chance to grasp onto a Basic Sword Skill or another type of attack moves. If you are holding onto a high-levelled weapon, for example B Class or above, even S Class, then just a moment’s worth of fighting will allow you to comprehend some basic skills. In addition, some high-levelled weapons come with skills equipped.Chen Xiaolian was in the midst of being worried about how to ease up the tension between the two of them. Once he heard Han Bi seeking his help, he immediately replied without any reservation. “I really do know about it. Last year, while I was writing a novel, I had checked out some foreign myths and legends. I had wanted to check on some related settings. It just so happened that I had looked up on the related materials for this King Solomon’s 72 Demons.”“Hahaha! Do not forget, if we die, a coffin is of no use. We will be refreshed; returned to a normal life,” Having said that, the sunglasses man suddenly laughed out bitterly and whispered. “I actually feel that… that may not be bad. Going on with life thoughtlessly; I won’t have to live like this all the time.”

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