The power he unleashed was unquestionably that of the [A] class. The power of his blade surged through the sky as silver coloured blade beams intersected each other. It was as though a tempest of blade beams had erupted there. Next, the tempest of sword beams charged toward the formless waves of light.Lin Leyan was now at the point where she had become unfazed by Chen Xiaolian’s endless magic trick like performance. Due to how tasty the Aged Jar Pickles instant noodles were, she finished up an entire bowl’s worth of it. Chen Xiaolian also gave her a piece of chocolate. However, she secretly gave it to the few African children who were staring at them.

“Naturally. The only reason I came to Zero City is to confirm whether or not you are still alive and if you need any help.” Tian Lie spread his hands. “Currently, the first is confirmed. As for the second… … it doesn’t seem like you need my help for anything. Then, if there is nothing else, I will bring this girl with me and leave.”“Message! I am in the Tokyo instance dungeon and could not get in contact with the outside world. I will leave a message to report the situation. At present, Team C had encountered a Floating Angel and their quest ended with failure. I have temporarily taken over command. I am now moving to… kill the Floating Angel! Guild Leader Chen [1], by the time you hear this message, if I got careless and end up being killed, please avenge me! Err… hahahaha! Guild Leader, I am joking! Just ignore that last part! A mere Floating Angel. It’s not as if I have never killed one. End of message.”“Lun Tai, raise the fighter’s hovering altitude by 500 metres, 143 degrees. Keep it still. Xiaolian, go to the hatch and get ready to pick her up. We do not know if there are any pursuers. So, we will need to leave as soon as we pick her up,” Roddy uttered out in quick succession. “Zhao Yun retrieval operation, the final phase, start!”His gaze rested on Roddy and he hesitated for a moment before shaking his head. “This instance dungeon is likely set in the era of cold weapons. Given your tech-based powers, you will likely face a high level of restriction. You stay in base as well. The three of them will also require a senior to help them take care of the place.”“The prompt had stated that by killing the quest target, we can obtain advantages when going into the final phase of the storyline. Who knows… maybe, they will be able to skip through the second phase and go straight to the third phase? Just like the level skipping thing in games.” Lun Tai revealed a wry smile. “This is only my speculation.”“I noticed that you’ve used up a lot of diesel today, far more than the others. If I had to guess, you don’t have much left, right? You will surely not have enough diesel for tomorrow.” The African woman then lowered her voice and said, “I have some extra diesel that I can use to exchange for food with you.”“Who said our enemies are limited to the Player faction?” Aderick sneered and continued, “Originally, we were part of Zero City, the mighty Zero City! But now that Zero City has fallen, we have been reduced to homeless dogs! Our resident guilds, Angel Corps… we have lost 90 per cent of our combined combat powers. At the same time, we also brought out large quantities of materials and equipment from Zero City… but we have already suffered from heavy losses!“I understand,” Lun Tai quickly made a proper decision. “I will discuss it through with Bei Tai for a bit. Then, we will decide on the items we want to purchase through the Exchange System using points and list them down before sending it over to you the Guild Leader to coordinate the purchase. I feel that having someone like Xia Xiaolei as our guild member is a very good thing. We can make the proper coordination when making purchases.”

The two of them waited until the dark silhouettes had flown to the back of the mountain. Then, they rushed out from the back of the statues. This time, however, they dared not make their way up through the centre part of the steps. Rather, they stayed close to the wall. They also decreased the speed of their ascent. The steps leading upward was pure white in colour after all. The two of them would appear too conspicuous if they were to run up with all their might.“Later on, their two sides had a disagreement. Originally, they had agreed that if there is one sacred artefact, that sacred artefact would belong to the Knights of the Holy City Guild. But in the end, Shen… … reneged. Something about the sacred artefact went beyond his expectations, so he expressed his desire to borrow the sacred artefact from Hossein to conduct some research on it for a while.”“… … according to my speculations and the results of my research, the underground palace of Epang should be somewhere deep underground. According to the construction methods of the building, besides the passageways of the underground palace, the underground river should be the quickest shortcut. Diving into the underground river and sneaking in along the flow of the river water should be faster and safer compared to using the underground passageways.”For example, after seeing that the door outside was broken into, he did not report to the police. Instead, he directly headed to the elevator and went down to check on the basement… he didn’t even bring any weapon. He calmly went down to check things out – did it not occur to him that if there were robbers here, then a weak man like him heading down the basement was the equivalent of courting death?“We are going to the shopping area to see if there is anything we could use,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo and Takeuchi Mikiko. “Don’t move on your own… you have watched horror movies before, right? In movies, those who move about on their own will face a higher level of danger.”

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