The middle-aged man shook his head. “Those fellows? They’re too inferior and are unqualified to be in the university team.” He cast his gaze at Arslan and said, “You are not bad. Although your foundation is somewhat lacking, your physique is excellent. Ah, please don’t misunderstand. Just now, I was up on the second floor looking at your game. When I saw the conflict erupting, I quickly made my way down to stop it. Thankfully, you fellows were able to deal with it on your own.”

One glance at it caused both of Chen Xiaolian’s eyes to shine brightly. He rushed over using big strides and extended both hands to feel it. He patted and knocked upon the ding that has a height surpassing his, his eyes transfixed. He could not help himself and gave a low sigh. “A good treasure, a good treasure!”Tian Lie sighed. “Are you fellows rookies? Do you not recognize those people on the opposing side? The infamous guild of mad knights from Jerusalem’s holy city. Could something like this trouble them? You fellows have no ability to charge forward, but they most certainly do. If they manage to arrive first at the cave entrance, they can simply leave one person behind to obstruct us through the use of long-range weapons. When that happens, we can forget about advancing.”“Colombo, I am sorry. Sorry for disturbing you so late in the night. However, you can be at ease. They are neither thieves nor gangsters,” Dr Mu was clearly feeling sorry for what was happening. He quickly went over to embrace his old friend. “Do not worry, they mean you no harm. Additionally… you will be welcoming us soon.”“I do not know. It is just an intuition.” Chen Xiaolian turned to Sister Yun. “He had already left World’s End. Regardless if he did suppress your power or not, no one in World’s End could stop you. Regardless of what happens within World’s End, it will have nothing more to do with him. If he is really concerned that your existence could affect his plans, he should have killed you before leaving. I think… … he should be able to do that, right?”She exhaled. She felt the breeze from the wilderness and said softly, “He was a very inquisitive fellow and had wanted to travel around the world. For the past few years, I had travelled to many, many places, especially here in Africa. I have stayed here for quite some time… I often think to myself, if my little brother is still alive, he would certainly wish to come with me to this beautiful place.The monsters with long-ranged equipment kept firing their arrows and spears at the team. However, the fire dragon that Riche summoned out swirled around to incinerate most of the arrows and javelins. Even though some of them would make their way past the fire dragon, they would all be deflected by the mech’s arm. Unlike the Devourer fighter, the mech came installed with a high-grade electromagnetic shield. The corrosive burst caused by the arrows and javelins were all stopped by the shield and they failed to cause any damage.Roddy rubbed his hands as he slowly stepped forward. Even so, there were still a few metres between him and Zhao Yun. “When I was young, I read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and came to admire you a great deal! In the Battle of Changban, you singlehandedly killed your way left and right through Cao Cao’s army to save your Lord’s son, what a spectacular feat! However, I never imagined that you could actually be such a beautiful woman!”“However, everyone may be at ease for now. Our goal is not to kill off the people within this airplane. As long as you obediently listen to our instructions and not invite any trouble for yourselves or others, once we get some affairs sorted out with the government, you fellows will be allowed to safely return home.

“This is a game!” The voice grew furious. It continued, “When playing games, the important thing is to have fun, not to win! Cheating to win, is there any meaning to such actions? If there is any meaning in cheating, we would have killed off every one of you long ago! What we seek is entertainment. Thus, for this duel, we will not create an opponent you cannot possibly defeat.”“I am sorry, but the rules are the rules. Depending on the state of security, the Special Affairs Department has the authority to suspend the access clearance of any resident guild member other than the Guild Leader. This is the administrative authority privy to the Angel Corps. If this causes a personal problem for you, I can only apologize. You may make a complaint through the official channel. However, that is not under my jurisdiction.”He pulled out a piece of paper from his folder and placed it on the table. “One of the eyewitnesses who was seated at the centre told us how the Japanese bald girl killed off the terrorist who was inside the cabin. Read this part: The girl’s fingers suddenly elongated, just like Wolverine’s claws, which then pierced through the terrorist’s throat.Naturally, Chen Xiaolian would not reveal the truth regarding him being an irregularity, one who cannot be revived after death. He thought about it and used a peculiar tone to ask Qiu Yun. “After dying and being refreshed… is that still the real me? The real me is already dead. The system then copies out a part of my memories and copies out a body for me… but that me is only a prop for this world’s background. I have never had any belief that this so-called resurrection is a true resurrection!”“What about you?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “I can say the same about you. The system had stated clearly that any attacks on game participants are prohibited. However, you were prepared to snatch a vehicle from someone else. I could also sense, if just for an instant, that you were prepared to kill. Aren’t your actions also an act of ignoring the rules?”Zhao Yun’s current state was obviously not normal. The silver beams sporadically shooting out from her body did not appear to be an active-type of offensive skill. It appeared more like a side effect of abruptly unleashing her power earlier. Every time a blade shot out, it would leave a wound on her body. As for her, her whole body was shuddering ceaselessly, seemingly in a rickety state.

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