“Oh.” Shen smiled and said, “Because I have lived for a long time, I had accumulated a vast number of skills. I can’t even remember how many of them I have. Mm, as it so happens, one of them allows me to break the space barrier… … teleportation. I have not quite refined my grasp on this skill and can only cover a distance of no more than 1,000 metres. Thankfully, this place is not beyond the range of my skill.”Chen Xiaolian laughed and said, “Originally, after killing Harold, he had wanted to make it his own. However, there were too many people around, so he could not force the issue. He requested its ownership from me and even said that he would make me a Count. I simply refused, took the sword and ran for it.”

Qiu Yun was sitting upon the sofa facing the door; his head was looking down at the newspaper. Without raising his head, he said in an indifferent voice. “Close the door after you come in… oh, right. The one outside the door can come in too. I do not have much time and I do not feel like accompanying some children in their play acting.”Unlike the time when he was meeting up with Chen Xiaolian, the expression on Qiao Qiao’s father was now different. Upon his face was a smile so wide it caused his eyes to squint. Yu Jiajia planted a light kiss on his cheeks and held onto his arms. Then, the two of them walked out of the hotel and into the black coloured sedan.“I suspect that as well.” Lun Tai nodded his head in assent. “Back then, the six of us went for the bio-transformation quest. As for you and Roddy, you two went for the tech quest. In the end, we managed to get the rewards for both quests. The reward for the tech quest is Roddy’s Mech. As for the bio-transformation quest, the reward is the Power Propagation Serum. Xia Xiaolei had injected himself with it!”“In other words, if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t have been able to rise up to your current status as… … captain.” Hillghost looked at Jung, his voice filled with a ridiculing tone. “Don’t hate him. You should love him. Enough, continue! Back then, what was he wearing? What skills did he use? What fighting style did he display? And most importantly… … what is his name?”This doesn’t look like the outside world. Rather, it looks more like… … an instance dungeon?However, I had just exited Zero City. How did I suddenly end up inside an instance dungeon?And these six fellows, are they Awakened ones or Players? There is an indescribable strangeness about the way they are looking at me.The evacuation area designated by the green dot was not hard to get to. After moving out from the master control room, they found the emergency evacuation door on the other side of the hall. Because the self-destruct sequence had been turned on, the emergency evacuation door has also automatically opened up.That was due to the amount of history contained within the Tower of London, one spanning up to a thousand years. Countless well-known historical events had occurred there… to speculate which one of those would be selected by the system to be the quest’s storyline would be too much of a task for Chen Xiaolian – even though he was a web writer who had read up on many information regarding the Tower of London, it was still too much for him.“It’s quartz.” Lin Leyan hesitated for a moment before continuing, “These quartz are formed when certain rocks are exposed to high temperature… usually, it would only appear in volcanic mountains. But… even though this place is a volcanic mountain, minerals formed from high temperature should not appear here. This volcanic mountain is an inactive one. Additionally, there was no eruptions recently…”

When the sky darkened, they halted and rested. Chen Xiaolian specifically assigned two sub teams to take turns keeping watch. The two captains did as was taught by Chen Xiaolian and came together to decide which team should keep watch over the first half of the night and which team should keep watch over the other half of the night.“Naturally.” Jiang Long nodded. “That is exactly what I planned on doing. At present, all of Cao Cao’s soldiers have been given the order. We now hold the identity of foreign soldiers from the Western Region of Jinxian. No matter what we do, we will not raise any suspicions and lose our identity as Cao Cao’s soldiers.”After releasing a chuckle, Shen stroked his chin and said, “Mm, continuing with these probing waves is not that good either. I should give the mice inside some pressure to let them understand that there is no hope in defending the city. Only them would the mice try to figure out a way to escape. If those cannon fodders want to invade the city, let them.However, something strange happened. No matter how they chopped, they could not chop down the tree. Whenever they hacked down on it, a maddening gale would descend from the skies. At the same time, the big tree would continuously restore the wounds upon itself. In the end, 40 plus soldiers spent the entire day trying to chop down the tree but to no avail.The young man introduced himself as Guan Shan. He had been very polite toward Chen Xiaolian. In fact, he was polite to the point of being respectful. In the beginning, Chen Xiaolian had felt puzzled. However, after thinking about it, he understood – this young man known as Guan Shan had probably watched what happened during Blood Verdict.

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