“The powers that the first GM possessed was far different compared to all the subsequent GMs. In the beginning, the Development Team never thought about placing restraints on the GM. Perhaps, it was because they were inexperienced back then. It did not take long before the first GM gained awareness, becoming desirous of freeing himself from the Development Team’s control.Alice’s speed had deteriorated. It was apparent that her skill has a time limit. Additionally… there were increasingly more terracotta soldiers swarming into the tomb, causing the tomb to be filled with them! Even if she were faster, she would have no space to manoeuvre about! There were pole arms pointing out from every direction; where could she run?“I am very clear that the US government had always held a strict stance toward terrorists. In the case where your negotiation with them fails, I fear that it might end up being a detriment for our safety. Thus, I must expose my identity with the hopes of obtaining special treatment from the US government! Additionally, I hope that the US government will consider the international consequences and allow us to safely make it out of this crisis!”“After reaching a certain level of power, or with the usage of certain special skills, it is not hard to break space,” said Gabriel with a sneer. “However, you need to understand the difference between poking a hole through a piece of paper and making that paper disappear entirely. Remember this, I said disappear entirely.”

He spread his hands out and said in a very calm manner. “Kill me? You know all too well, Mene. The same goes for you, Gattuso… … you all cannot kill me. Even if every one of you here combined your powers, you would still be unable to kill me. Since that is the case, why do you insist on uttering these… … NONSENSE!”Pausing, William then laughed and said, “From this day forth, you are no longer a mercenary, kid! You are now a member of my Norman army! You are both valiant and strong! I like men of such calibre! You will be serving as a team member of my personal guards. Tonight, I will grant you the honour of standing guard by my tent!”“ … because, we were previously within Zero City,” Lun Tai sighed. “There is a very important reason as to why Zero City is deemed as the safest place in the world of Awakened ones… as long as one stays in Zero City, one would be able to escape being selected by the instance dungeon! Simply put, it would be as though the system’s selection ability is blocked. All instance dungeon notifications are also blocked.A thin, black silhouette charged inside, sending the doors flying at the same time. Coincidentally, the door slammed onto Chen Xiaolian’s body and he was sent flying to the side as well. The heavy metal door fell upon Chen Xiaolian’s body and he felt something gush into his mouth before spitting out a mouthful of blood.However, just as the two of them were about to attack, the Irregularity abruptly turned and said with a frown, “Right, did you fellows hear about the girl who was captured a while ago? I really do not understand what she is thinking. She is an Irregularity herself. Yet, she would rather have Mr Abertoni lock her up than to join us in our clearing operation. Is what we do not for the sake of everyone else?”Soo Soo looked Chen Xiaolian in the eye, her expression suddenly turning somewhat bashful. “Xiaolian oppa, I am only 10 years-old… you, you just wait 10 years… nono, 8 years… no, no, just 6 years! Just wait for 6 years, all right? I, in the future, I will become Xiaolian oppa’s girlfriend, all right?”The southern part of the Sea of Love was the entertainment district, filled with various bars and shops. By the outside world’s standard, it was presently three in the afternoon. Normally, the artificial sun above should be sending golden rays of light down upon the beach, giving it a sense of warmth.“I was helping you,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “You ran like crazy for that long only to suddenly stop like that. When one exercises vigorously and suddenly stops, there would be a heavy burden on the heart. Are you not afraid of dying due to that? After an intense workout, one must do slower workouts – surely you understand this logic?”

Walking by these terracotta soldiers as he moved through the tomb, a feeling of unease welled up within Chen Xiaolian. He subconsciously gripped Soo Soo’s small hand tightly only to find that Soo Soo’s hand was cold and seemingly steady. He turned around to look at the little girl and saw that she was using a tranquil expression to gaze at the terracotta soldiers beside them.Base Control listened quietly and replied, “Possible. The base could generate all your requests. However, it would consume energy. I should remind you that you have not replenished the base’s energy in a long time. Since the moment I gained control of this base, you have been consuming its energy.”After saying that, Takeuchi Yoko took a deep breath. “However, I had already found out about Domoto’s evil deeds. Thus, I had extracted the memory card from the monitoring device and hid it away! I absolutely cannot allow the selfishness of these bastards to lead to the destruction of the research institute’s inventions!”

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