“I don’t know if he is [S] class or not since we cannot see his attributes. However, considering the standard that [S] classes should have, his combat performance is quite near that. Defeat an [A+] class expert three times. Today, he had killed Jacob. When you include the fact that I had surrendered, that means he had obtained two victories against [A+] class experts. As such… … even if he turns out to be [S] class, would you be surprised?”“You can only gamble on it.” Chen Xiaolian spread open both hands. “You only have two choices: You can choose not to believe me and give me false information. Then, before I die, I will most definitely kill you – do take note, I won’t care what you have to say, nor will I care if the dangers we faced then were connected to you… … I am sorry to say, at a time like this, I will not be reasonable. As long as we fall into a dangerous situation, once we face death, I will kill you!Lun Tai panted for a bit. However, he did calm down. After thinking about it carefully, he said, “Yes… just now, I feel like my mind was in complete mess. I don’t even know what happened. All I could feel was an extreme feeling of hatred. There was also an impulse to rush into the woods to find the bastard and kill him… … besides that thought, it seems that all other form of thoughts had left my mind.”

Lun Tai moved forward and repelled the monster using the butt of his rifle. He then clutched onto Bei Tai and tossed him to the back. Next, he delivered a kick at the monster’s head, causing it to topple over and fall onto their bus’ passenger seat. Lun Tai followed up by rushing forward and stamping his foot down on the monster’s neck. After that, he pointed the muzzle of his rifle at the monster’s head and pulled the trigger!“Awakened?” Toto exclaimed. “I think I heard that before. Aunt Yun had told me before. I was once an Awakened, but not anymore. However, the Player and instance dungeons you mentioned… … are you referring to World of Warcraft? I had heard from Big Fatty in my class. According to him… … that is an old-fashioned game that only middle-aged uncles would play.”“There is something wrong with this instance dungeon,” said Lun Tai, who knitted his brows. “How many Awakened ones are there within a radius of 1,000 km of the instance dungeon area? For so many people to be selected… … this is too much. I have never seen an instance dungeon of such a large scale!”[Snow Edge, B+ Class Melee Equipment, additional ‘Armour Break’ effect, increases probability of breaking through one’s defences. When dual wielding, there is a chance to trigger ‘Sword Break’ during melee battle, giving a small probability to break the opponent’s weapon. Note, additional effect is subject to restrictions due to Class difference].“Every now and again, Zero will be opened once. Moreover, the time for that is never fixed. Sometimes, there would be 1 month’s interval, sometimes 7 to 8 months of interval. There was once where the interval lasted for a whole year and a half before it was opened again. Every time it is opened, the time allowed inside would not be more than 1 week.War Soul Meng Ge had already charged forward and faced one of the black generals. He was once of the same level as them, but after becoming a War Pet, his power had decreased somewhat. Now that he was facing one of the black generals by himself, Meng Ge was forced to retreat again and again. At the same time however, Chen Xiaolian became flabbergasted.“He gave me a special monitoring device and had me help him bring it into the research institute. I will then secretly smuggle the monitoring device out and give it to Domoto on a regular basis,” Tears flowed down Takeuchi Yoko’s face as she continued. “But recently, in order to compete with the Mechanical Faction, they stopped caring about anything else. In order to defeat the Mechanical Faction, they even wanted to destroy the research results obtained by the Mechanical Faction. Such a despicable action was unacceptable. Thus, I rejected Domoto’s unreasonable request.”“However, the advantage gained is bigger.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “This instance dungeon is just too irregular. Looking at the details given by the system, every Awakened can tell just how difficult the instance dungeon will be. Fighting on their own without coming together is too risky. By accepting Starfall Guild’s proposal, they can receive their assistance when they need it. There should be quite a lot of guilds who choose to accept the proposal. After all, doing so can increase their chances of survival. If they fail to survive, what is the point in concealing their secrets?”

“Let us go.” Shen stretched out his hand to pull Adam by the hand – Adam should have been intangible, without body. He was supposed to be a holographic projection. However, for some unknown reason, Shen was able to clearly grip Adam’s arm, allowing him to pull him up. He had a warm smile on his face.“I hear that he is a graduate from our school. However, something happened in his family. A few years back, his parents were arguing about a divorce and they ended up fighting. The father then used a knife to stab the mother to death. It was supposedly an accidental murder; the father was arrested, and he was given an indefinite jail sentence. This fellow on the other hand, appears a little simple minded and foolish. It seems he had received quite the shock, causing some problems here,” The girl with chubby cheeks pointed at her head and gave a wry smile. “Naturally, he was unable to get into a university. After having something like this happen to his family, he no longer has anyone to take care of him. He also has no money. Thus, the sub-district government agency negotiated with the school a way to let him live. And that is to let him work in school – they cannot let him starve to death after all. He is too foolish. From what I heard, something once happened as the team was undergoing training. Some of those wild kids tore down the training equipment. As the administrator in charge, he foolishly went to report the matter to the school. Thus, he ended up inciting hatred from these group of boys. Every now and again, these boys would come and bully him. The fellow is foolish anyway and he dares not fight back when bullied – even if he wants to fight back, he does not have the strength to do so.”Una sighed and she spoke in a very serious tone. “Father does have a lot of children. But the ones that could gain his trust are far and few. That brother of mine is father’s eldest son. Father gave him authority over the military and trusts him a great deal when it comes to military affairs. But in other matters… he trusts me more.”Shen thought about it. Then, he said, “Fine, I can give you some information for free… … about your teammates, the place where they completed the branch quest should be at Stonecutter’s Mountain just up ahead. Mm, that was in the description for the storyline. If you want to meet up with your teammates, you can try to go there to find them.”

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