Although his side had quite a number of experts… … if he were to compare his line-up with the one that Zero City fielded when the few resident guilds had sent their leading figures up to the front, his line-up was nowhere near that – and yet, even a line-up of that level was soundly beaten by Shen alone.“Yes, that is where the problem lies,” said Qiao Yifeng with a sigh. “Every once in a while, Zero City will automatically execute an assessment. If the average score of the guilds’ strength is lower than the benchmark set by Zero City’s system… the quests it issues, the resources and benefits available would be reduced!”In the corridor, Chen Xiaolian was being held down by the suppression fire sent out by the African soldiers and was unable to rush out… although he had enhanced his body before, he was not Superman. He was hardly capable of shrugging off bullets and knives. If the bullets hit him, he would still die.“… all right.” Ta Wang gave a bitter smile. He forced himself to sit up straight and his eyes drifted toward the distance where his cut off arm lay. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “This instance dungeon is the system’s punishment instance dungeon. However, there is something that not many people know. There are some special differences between punishment instance dungeons and normal instance dungeons.”After fighting throughout the night and exerting so much effort to row the life raft in the seas, even Chen Xiaolian with his enhanced physical body felt somewhat exhausted. An expression of fatigue was on Nagase Komi’s face as well. If not for the fact that she was too frightened, this girl might have long since fallen asleep.There were people queuing at the checkout counter. However, Chen Xiaolian was unable to care about it at this point. Chen Xiaolian directly rushed over, pushing others aside, ignoring the complaints and lectures of the other customers. Once Roddy and Xia Xiaolei ran over, he pulled out a stack of US dollar bills from his wallet and threw it onto the surface of the counter without even looking how much there was. The three of them did not even bother returning the store’s basket as they held onto it and ran madly out of the store. The staff member of the store chased after them while shouting. However, the three of them have had their bodies strengthened; even Roddy and Xia Xiaolei had acquired the Genetic Enhancement Serum that Chen Xiaolian bought in Zero City, giving their bodies [B] Class attributes. How was an ordinary staff member of the store supposed to stop them?After hearing those accounts, King William walked down until he was before Chen Xiaolian. He looked at the three of them and said, “I am very shocked! And very pleasantly surprised! You fellows are the biggest gain for me this time! The best warriors should serve a King! I have great expectations for you fellows! In the coming battles, if you fellows continue to display outstanding merits, after we enter London, I will be generous in giving you fellows even greater rewards, and even more fiefs!Roddy who was standing on the roof of a three-storey building far away observed Denzel with a pair of binoculars. He said, “Just now when Carmen tricked him by saying that a mech’s primary cannon blast was incoming, he did not try to dodge. He just used his shield to block… he is so confident that his shield could block off a mech’s primary cannon blast?”

Clearly, the Energyquake Bomb explosion had instantaneously destroyed all the Electronic Guardians that had charged into this underground factory. At the same time though, the explosion had also blasted much of the machinery within the underground factory and they exploded. Now the fires from their components flickered sporadically within the room.“However, despite the description the system had given, I have something to inform everyone. We may face some issues in this instance dungeon, but the existence known as Players is something none of us has to worry about. Because there is absolutely no way Players would appear in this instance dungeon.”“In the past… … you have seen me before, back when I was in Zero City.” Qiao Qiao gave Bluesea a detailed look. “I already know that all the participants in this game, be they Player, Awakened, or Irregularity, must risk their lives. Even so, I never thought that an expert like you would also…”“That is correct!” Sawakita Mitsuo spoke with a strict and lofty voice. “The nephew of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan! He possesses the precious bloodline of the Imperial family and is a valuable member of the Imperial family, His Imperial Highness, Prince Akahito [1]! Our trip to the US this time is a private visit made for the sake of inquiring about the Ivy League universities in the US! No matter what happens, his safety must be prioritized!”Alice’s speed had seemingly increased by tens of times. With “shua shua shua” sounds, several after images appeared within the tomb. She slipped back and forth through every corner like the wind and the terracotta soldiers ended up being dismembered by her! This speed could only display its strength in flat terrain; currently, against these orderly but slow terracotta warriors, this speed was an invaluable weapon.It was simple enough of a deduction. At present, the system had yet to issue a prompt indicating the arrival of Players. In other words… … this Shen, a Player, was able to enter this instance dungeon before the time designated by the system. Thus, he was most likely similar to Miao Yan, a holder of an Exclusive Account, a High-rank Player with exclusive privileges.“Fact of the matter is, like the system, all instance dungeons that were created were originally meant for Players. Thus, the foundation of instance dungeons have settings made for Players. Later on, due to the appearance of Awakened ones, the Development Team modified the normal instance dungeons so that it could accommodate both Players and Awakened ones. Then… while normal instance dungeons were modified to accommodate both, punishment instance dungeons were modified to specifically play host to Awakened ones.

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