In the end, seeing Father Qiao pull out a piece of cigarette and was about to light it up, Chen Xiaolian was no longer able to hold no. He sighed and smiled wryly as he said, “Mr Qiao, if you have something to say, then don’t beat around the bush. If you don’t let it out, you’ll suffocate miserably while I’ll be distressed.”Miao Yan squinted her eyes and stared at the row of 4 giant military generals. “I can feel a strong thirst for blood! The killing intent on these fellows body is very strong! I have never encountered this level of blood thirst before! En, a pure power of darkness! Just like that of the Undead Knights, but stronger! I like it, hahahaha!”Chen Xiaolian’s face was solemn. “Do as I say! Qiao Qiao! Lun Tai is the only main powerhouse within the defence team. Xia Xiaolei’s ability is of the support type and is not suitable for battles. As for Soo Soo, she is a little girl! If I am to change you with others, will you be able to feel at ease leaving Soo Soo out of your sight?”Dr Mu appeared rather cautious. “I… actually do not know much about Jack the Ripper’s case. However… the thesis papers I wrote in school is about gene mutation. En, also known as the change in genetics. Generally speaking, cells of ordinary life forms would replicate itself accurately. However, this steady process is relative. Under certain conditions, the genes can suddenly transform into another form of existence, different from its original one. That is, at a certain location, a new gene appears suddenly, replacing the original gene, causing the gene to become a mutant gene …”“Who am I is not important. The important thing here is you. I discovered that you were using the police’s surveillance system to do the same thing as me, little one.” The face within the monitor smiled. “Still, I have to say this. You did a good job. However, there is something that dissatisfied me. It seems that you were looking for the same thing I was, you were looking for the same target!”Toto repeated Chen Xialian’s words. “By chance, I acquired a prop that would allow me to find Qiao Qiao. This matter is very complicated and I am unable to explain it all to you given the limited amount of time we have. At any rate, I never thought I would be able to contact you all through Toto after coming to World’s End. This is… … weird.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face took a solemn expression and he pondered the matter carefully for a long time. Next, he bowed toward Sawakita Mitsuo while remaining seated. “Zero City’s fall… … I not only know about it. That day, I was in Zero City. However… … I am sorry, Great Teacher Sawakita. At present, I cannot tell you about it.”Takeuchi Mikiko was clearly displaying fear. She had observed how this girl’s companions were moving supplies from the convenience store. Each of them revealed cold and indifferent expressions… they even have a little girl with them who seemed to be only 9 or 10 years old. However, the little girl’s expression was also cold. Especially when she turned to face Takeuchi Mikiko; the frosty gaze from her caused Takeuchi Mikiko’s heart to trickle with sweat.“I want to ask you, how much monitoring power do you have over Irregularities?” Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile and continued, “You said it before. Irregularities are existences outside the surveillance of the system. And you… you are part of the system. How do you monitor us? I recall you saying that as GM, all the NPCs in this world, as long as they are people of this world, you can monitor them. What they want to say, what they want to do, even what they want to think, these are all things that you can know about. If so… what about me?”“Big, big… big bro…” As Nightmare was not a member of Meteor Rock Guild, he could not listen in to the conversation going on through the guild channel. Thus, he had been staring blankly into the air. Suddenly, he raised his head and spoke up, “Jiang Long has spoken out through our guild channel!”However, Nicole had become an Awakened from the moment she was young. Back then, Nicole had been rather vague when she was explaining her circumstances. It could generally be understood that some time when Nicole was still young, an accident occurred and both her and her father became Awakened ones. Later on, they joined Zero City and were accepted into the Angel Corps. Thus, both father and daughter became members of the Angel Corps.“You have been talking for so long, so now… this kindness and wickedness, love and hate, life and death, six concepts, six passageways… how are we to differentiate them? I have already checked them before, none of the passageways have any markings! How are we to identify which one is Kindness, which one is Wickedness, which one is Love or Hate?” The Pattern Man asked, his question did not contain any tone of mockery, rather it was filled with objectivity.Chen Xiaolian sighed. “In the process of unifying the world, that Qin Shi Huang committed who knows how much massacres. Additionally, there were also those states that he conquered. It was unknown just how many assassins they have sent to attempt to assassinate this great man. There is no need for me to cite others, you should at least know of the story of Jingke stabbing Qin Shi Huang, right? The wind blows, the river freezes. The hero fords, never to return! The dagger is revealed at the end of the map [1]. You should have at least heard of this story before, right?”Outside, the members from several associations came surging in. The one in the lead was an old man with average height. He was hunching with both hands behind his back. There was also a middle-aged man with glasses beside him. This man had both his hands inside his pockets as his eyes glanced about.

“However, after going through a vast number of calculations and deductions, I realized that there was a loophole in this plan… it is incapable of accomplishing my ultimate goal. Depending on you, the prime Irregularity to resist the main program is simply a delaying process. It will not be able to save me.

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