Chen Xiaolian stood behind the line of defence and observed the Alpha carriers parked on the square before the Board of Patriarchs’ building. All of them were operating at full power. Although it was not yet time for them to fly up, they had started up the aircrafts so that they could take off at any moment.“We need to go now!” Chen Xiaolian quickly made the decision. Then, he turned around to glance at Tian Lie’s back – the fellow sure was able to run fast. He had already run past one of the city walls and was far away. The gigantic dragon flapped both its wings as it chased after him. Chen Xiaolian quickly said, “To the Queen’s House!”“Nonsense! Do you think it’s easy to nurture a mech expert? Although the guilds have plenty of experts, not everyone has the talent to become a mech expert. Did you think that every guild could produce a group of mech-oriented angels like the Angel Corps?” Qiao Yifeng smiled wryly. “These mechs here are used as single combat mechs.”The second advantage is… the right to not participate. When encountering an instance dungeon of a lower level compared to the guild’s, the guild may elect to be exempted. In other words, suppose that a guild is of the A Class and it encounters an instance dungeon with the difficulty level of A Class or below, the guild can then choose to not participate in the instance dungeon.Lin Leyan looked at Chen Xiaolian and shook her head. “Don’t think too much. I am several years older than you. Besides… I am someone who is always adventuring in the wilderness. What have I not seen before? I am not like those young women who like romance novels and have their heads filled with thoughts of fantasy stories. To me, you are a bit too short and also a bit too young. If you are a bit older and have a slightly more angular face, I might actually have feelings for you.”

“Judging from the current situation, the probability of you being discovered by the Development Team is far, far below that compared to the Awakened ones,” The middle-aged man smiled. “Because your Player System is an emasculated version, it is incomplete; this leads to you being unable to exchange items, to receive quest description… you can only be considered as someone with half the identity of a Player, ‘half’!They tore a hole on the female shop assistant’s outer clothes before shoving her to the ground. The baseball cap that she wore was tossed to the side and two mobsters walked over. One of them held down her hands while the other held down her legs. The remaining gang member sported a little moustache and a Mohawk hairstyle. He gave a sinister smile as he walked forward, his hands moving to undo his zippers.“Hello, it’s me, Nicole. Thanks for your help on the case. However, there has been a new development. The suspects were arrested in New York. In a hotel, it’s the same hotel you told me about. They were involved in a public safety incident and were taken to the police station by the police officers. I want to ask a favour from you… find out what this case is about… also, I want to go to the police station to see those two fellows…”“Could it be… … when we return, history itself would be changed?” Chen Xiaolian sucked in a breath of cold air. “Holy shit? Wouldn’t that be a catastrophe? Take Lun Tai and Bei Tai for example. The two of them had only joined my guild because of Guild Leader Nangong’s death! If Guild Leader Nangong did not die… then… … everything would be different! And… … there is me! Since I did not participate in the final battle in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, I would not be able to get Bai Qi’s War Soul!”“A lot of them, that is very good,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Right now, I am really, really angry. I have never felt so angry before. Right now, I want to kill. If there are none to kill, anything will do. At any rate… … I want to kill! Kill lots and lots! I have never felt this way, this desire to kill, to rip apart!”“Your height is at least 1.9 metres, right? Mm, considering your age, as long as you have sufficient nutrition and training, you would be able to grow even taller in the next few years. I can see that your skills are somewhat rough. You’ve probably spent very little time in basketball practice, right? But if you are willing to join our university team, I can help train you… a centre is impossible[2]. However, a power forward is not a bad deal. How about it? Are you interested? If you are, you can come find me.”“It is not exactly all from nervousness. There is also a sense of wonder,” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “This is my first time on a private jet. When I first boarded this plane, I do not even know where to place my hands. I am really curious, just how much wealth does your family have?”“Zombie Wyrm, supposedly it is a descendant of a Scaled Dragon. However, it was brought in to be buried together with Qin Shi Huang after his death. There, it was turned into a zombie guardian for the mausoleum. It feeds on the deathly aura to extend its existence. This creature is very tough; it would be for the best that we do not provoke it. Provoking one would cause the entire group to come over. In addition… these are all just hatchlings. If the big one gets enticed over, things would likely end badly.”

“Are those two girls very important to you? I mean, I remember that the young one was by your side in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon. However, the older one… is your girlfriend, right?” Miao Yan looked into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. “Don’t deny it. I can see it in your eyes.”“I am curious about one thing, where have these people run off to?” Chen Xiaolian picked up the walkie-talkie while surveying the area. He whispered. “Even if everyone here were infected with the virus and had transformed into monsters… or if they were killed by monsters, there should be traces of blood or corpses, right? But this office is too clean!”

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