Roddy was not done. After punching Chen Xialian, he reached out with his hands to grab Chen Xiaolian by his collars and shook him. “I am going to Bran, you say. We’ll meet up again in Bucharest, you say. What took you so long?! It is one thing to switch off your phone, but I can’t even contact you through the guild channel. If not for the absence of the system prompt stating that the Guild Leader had died, I would really have thought that someone had killed you!”“They are also my guild members.” Chen Xiaolian did not let up and he slowly continued, “You are not an ordinary person. So, you should understand that the instance dungeon selections will not care who your daughter may be. If they get selected to participate in an instance dungeon, people will die.”Chen Xiaolian had made his own considerations regarding the team selections. The outer team will definitely face more danger compared to the defence team. Thus, he made a selfish decision to have Soo Soo left behind. As for Xia Xiaolei, he was unsuitable for battle. However, his Haggling skill will be very useful for the future development of the guild. That was why he has to stay behind as well.“Because the guild has become big, arrogance grew within your hearts, is that it?” The short man turned his head, revealing a faint smile. “You think that by putting up your Thorned Flower Guild sign, everyone would obediently prostrate themselves before you? You think that there is no one left in the world who can provoke Thorned Flower Guild?“No, at least not now. Because I now know that the Guiding Link Fire is now in your hands. Thus, things are different now.” Sister Yun shook her head. “You were not shocked earlier. It appears you brought the Lifehymn Music Score with you here. Had any other Irregularity hear about the ability to return, they would have gone mad on the spot. How unexpected, to think that redhead would modify that prop again. I didn’t think that person could have this side to her.”“It is not because of you,” Chen Xiaolian said softly. “Scum is scum. No matter where they go, they will end up doing evil deeds; and you just happened to be their victim. That is why you should not feel guilty. Back then, even if the one in the alley was not you and was someone else, they will still harass that person.”The low-ranking soldiers around her had begun to retreat out of fear. However, under Xu Chu’s lead, the Tiger Guard soldiers charged bravely without fear of death. As for the surrounding Awakened ones who had survived the earlier episode, a number of them had already gotten up. They swallowed Healing Type Beast Bloods as they renewed their long-ranged attacks, intent on killing off Zhao Yun before the NPCs could do it.Chen Xiaolian stared with widened eyes. “Are you shitting me? You tossed a Sentinel mech into that piss poor country of Kombia? Neither their government nor the rebel army have heavy weapons! They have no air force to speak of! They don’t even have a bloody tank! And you gave him a bloody mech?! That mech is enough to flatten that rebel army a hundred times over!”

“Her fleshly body is already dead.” Ambler shook his head. “I am neither God nor the Development Team. Her heart was stabbed through and she had died. I do not have the ability to resurrect the dead. I could only use the supplementary skill of this Sword in the Stone to temporarily store her soul within it. As for later on… … you can find some prop to remodel a body to resurrect her.”He then checked the time again. “Mm, the time for the first exit point is already over. If there were no accidents, this first exit point should have been used. Gibbs brought Miss Tina with him to leave via this first exit point and Guan Shan followed them to confirm it. Once confirming it, he will turn back to report.”“You might be thinking that the relationship between us two is pretty good, right? Wrong. A long, long time ago, we were indeed friends. It was not just us two, there was also Shen and… … several other bizarre weirdoes. However, due to certain circumstances, we all went our separate ways. Some of us remain friends, some became like strangers, some felt disgusted at some others, some… mm, want to kill each other as soon as they meet.”That sword was THE true sharp and unparalleled weapon of combat! After King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone was broken, he acquired a new sword. That was the Sword of Promised Victory! According to the legends, the Lady of the Lake bestowed the sword upon King Arthur and it symbolized indestructible power!Lin Leyan spoke as she dug through her memories, “Back then, when our team was in Kombia, a coup erupted and the rebel forces captured the capital of Kombia. This photo was taken in one of the hotels in Kombia, a hotel used as a base of operations by our organization. Mm…” She looked at the photos and recalled what happened for a moment before continuing, “Back then, we were making preparations to move our supplies. We were loading up medical supplies and food into the vehicles. The team responsible for media coverage had taken these photos.”“There was a traffic jam on my way here. There was no other way. Since its daytime, I cannot use our aircraft to fly over.” Roddy laughed, deliberately throwing out a joke. “While you were gone, everything went well back at home. Lun Tai and Bei Tai trained Xia Xiaolei thoroughly, so that little fellow’s improvement has been quick. We also gathered some points to purchase a few melee-type skills for him. Right now, assuming Lun Tai chooses not to go all out, Xia Xiaolei would be able to duke it out with him for quite some time. When you see it, you will surely see him in a new light.The young Japanese woman thought about it for a moment before answering cautiously, “Because… … it is the ‘Freedom Tower’? I mean, it is the One World Trade Centre building after all. After the Twin Towers were destroyed, this building was built upon the very same site. It is a landmark of the United States of America, something infamous across the world. Your objective is to buy up an entire floor of this landmark building?”

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