“In order to avoid being detected by the system, I had no choice but to do so. Theoretically speaking, this is a cheating program,” said GM with a wry smile as well. He continued, “All the equipment within the system is created by the system. All of these have their own code numbers. The system have its own set of rules on these code numbers. Matters like how much is being generated and how much is being consumed can be inspected through the use of these code numbers. As for me, I am not the Development Team; I am part of the system. If I try any hanky-panky stuff on this process, I will be easily found out by the Development Team.“Guild Leader, why are we not making contact with the outside world?” Theodore asked. “We still have some guild and peripheral members in this world. Additionally, there are also those Awakened guilds that have been cooperating with us for a long time. As of right now, we need to gather more strength.”Meanwhile, Culkin was standing at a position that was only two meters away from the Fallen Avenger. Not knowing that the Fallen Avenger’s target was Chen Xiaolian, he instinctively brandished his dagger. This attempt by Culkin to resist the Fallen Avenger ended up enraging him. He lashed out with a backhand sword strike at Culkin, knocking him to the side. Culkin who had to stagger backward felt heat in his hands. He lowered his gaze to see that the blade of his dagger had been melted by black coloured flames!

“The second question… Is there a method to avoid being selected?” Chen Xiaolian looked at his two partners and spoke with certainty and confidence. “My guess is… there is definitely a method to avoid being selected! At the very least, I can confidently say that I believe we can change this state of ‘being selected by the system’ to ‘personally selecting an instance’! It must be possible!”“What is in the past is the past, it is pointless to dwell upon them.” Roddy waved his hand and said in a loud and impatient tone. “Zero City, Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild, Shen… … put all those things aside first. There is an even more important piece of news that Xiaolian has yet to reveal, isn’t that right, Xiaolian? Hurry up and say it! This piece of news will certainly shock everyone!”“However, me and Chen Xiaolian? To be frank, there is nothing much between us. We had not actually known each other for that long. There is simply no basis for some kind of solid friendship. I… I do not like being a subordinate. As his best friend, you will never care about something like this, but I care!”Pausing, Chen Xiaolian continued with a heavy voice. “Lun Tai, Bei Tai, the both of you are responsible for determining the location for tomorrow’s business summit. Also, familiarize yourself with the surrounding area… get some maps from the hotel staff and make a copy for each of us. Do not put too much faith into mobile communication devices. In the event that the internet goes down, having a map in hand would be the best form of insurance.”Chen Xiaolian slowly said. “There is still Han Bi and the rest who have yet to come out… the instance dungeon have already concluded and the order of transfer out of the instance dungeon will follow the degree of contribution. So, Han Bi and the rest of them should be somewhere behind. Quick, contact Roddy and tell him that we have already come out. Ask him to keep an eye out for Han Bi and the others. If they appear in the north gate, then inform us immediately.”“For example, if the ‘story’s content’ requires that an important character dies in a car accident, then I am responsible for ‘creating’ this accident so that this character would die. After that, the following aftermath would be executed. For example, if the ‘world’s background setting’ requires that a war erupts between nations, I will be responsible for making adjustments to the operations of the world, leading to a war being launched between nations – this is a very complicated process, politics, ideals, interests, and the characters involved… all of these requires a precise level of calculation. Only after that would the ‘drama’ be allowed to unfold.”“Wait!” Colombo exclaimed. “Mu! Don’t tell me that you did not report something so serious to the police? Are you people crazy? You need to report this immediately! Oh, Hell! You people did not by chance run over here right after leaving the murder scene? I am a forensics expert! Not a police!”“The selection of participants for instance dungeons works by randomly selecting some Awakened ones who are in the same area. Clearly, the system had selected me while leaving you out. If I am not mistaken, Chen Xiaolian and his guild should be somewhere in this area as well. Thus, there is a high chance that they were selected as well.

Queen Qiao sighed and spoke in a low tone using Korean. “Just what is going on with you? What happened to you when you were on the plane? We are heading to the northwest area, a very far place. And yet, you are so insistent on not sitting on a plane again… Do you know how long it will take with the train? Soo Soo, just what was it that you encountered this time? En, did the perverted freak from the plane bully you? Is that why you dare not board a plane again? The fact it, there is no need for you to worry. This time around, I am here with you. No one will dare to bully you. Even if we end up meeting bad fellows, big sister can still break all their three legs!”His body was accurately cut into two, from the head down to his crotch to produce two symmetrical bodies. It was as though someone had measured the length of Omega Angel’s body before cutting it carefully with a pair of scissors. Next, the two pieces of Omega Angel’s body, still clad in his Floater mech armour, fell to the ground.Following every flash from the muzzle, a beam of light would blast out at the jeep. However, it would appear that the jeep driver was fairly skilled. The driver was able to splendidly calculate out the trajectory of the blast in advance and avoid the attacks by a hair’s breadth. Despite the tens of craters on the surface of the street, not a single one of the beams had managed to hit the jeep.Lun Tai was taken aback. He did not expect Chen Xiaolian to ask that from him. After a moment’s hesitation, Lun Tai considered the question and said, “The instance dungeon ended with us successfully completing the quest. The Demon King succeeded with his resurrection and all combats were forced to an end. We were then pulled out from the instance dungeon and teleported to a place several kilometres away from Tel Aviv. There were no other teams or participants in the vicinity… … so I decided to immediately bring out the Tidal Fighter and return everyone home. Right now, we are…”

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