The enemies they now face were likely Awakened ones that Lei Hu had killed off here in World’s End. Lei Hu had then utilized a type of ability to implant the vines into their corpses to control them, making them an extension of himself. Be it the ability to aim or open fire, they were all controlled by him alone.“Because… … as an engineer, a scientific researcher, in face of Zero City’s majesty and technological superiority, we would find our self-esteem shattered.” The smile on Gibbs’ face remained bitter as he continued, “Can you imagine how it is like, for me and my colleagues to research here for 11 years, only to come up with zero results?”

“This is… this is a new military dog developed by the military department,” Chen Xiaolian lied to her with a straight face. “Enough, do not ask me about these details! Right now, I will be the one to ask questions while you answer. Understood? After you reply, I will take you out of this place!”“Then, we’ll have to start cramming ourselves with information. At least it will be better than not knowing anything. Help us find the necessary information by looking through the internet,” Chen Xiaolian turned to Lun Tai and Bei Tai. “Another thing, the designated location is London. Since that is the case, I feel that we will need to make some time to inspect the areas of London City, especially those buildings with some history. We will need to take note of them. Lun Tai, I will need a copy of a map of London. It will be for the best if the historical buildings are marked.”After saying that, Riche immediately pulled out a ring from his hand. Next, he used both hands to respectfully hold it before Chen Xiaolian. “This is my personal storage equipment. The storage space is five times that of the storage space of your current storage equipment. Although it is still not of a high enough grade, it is still comparatively bigger than yours. If you don’t mind, please take it.”The Toyota SUV charged straight towards them from the intersection and one of their team’s motorbikes was sent flying due to a collision with the vehicle! The motorbike skidded through the ground, releasing a sharp scraping sound while the rider rolled out. Chen Xiaolian immediately recognized the person to be Bei Tai!“Begin from how you got to know about my little sister! How did you know her name! Also, you have been constantly pestering us since we met at the airport. What intentions do you have towards my little sister… tell me all about it! Let me warn you, for a paedophilic pervert such as you, I have no qualms about breaking your three legs at any given moment!” [1]“Due to a certain instance dungeon’s quest, Guild Leader Shen had gone to meet Hossein to propose a cooperation. Hossein was a very arrogant fellow. As an Awakened, he had a natural sense of hostility toward Players. As for Guild Leader Shen, he was the number one figure on the Player side. Cooperating with the number one Player was something that Hossein was originally opposed to. I heard that, when the two of them met, they ended up engaging in a huge and vicious competition. It was a very intense battle.”“System restrictions. Items that have a higher level of technology or magic compared to the standard of the outside world are prohibited from appearing in the outside world. That will disrupt the balance of the system’s settings. That is why…” Lun Tai smiled. “Even though they have a great deal of ability to make money, it is not as easy as you might have imagined.”Behind them, several armoured explosion-proof vehicles of the Japanese Special Assault Team were in pursuit. However, they dared not get too close. As for the ordinary police cars… they could only follow at the very rear of the pursuing team. All they could do was release the siren’s warning sound. Were they trying to intimidate their opponents or were they trying to drum up courage for themselves, no one knew.

After waking up the next day, they went down and had breakfast before returning to their rooms. After assigning both Lun Tai and Bei Tai to stay behind and stand guard, he had both Xia Xiaolei and Qimu Xi stay in their room as well, informing them not to leave the room recklessly. After that, he brought Roddy and Soo Soo with him as he left the hotel.“Now, I will explain the situation. Uncle Bluesea! I didn’t think I would be able to meet you here. However, you probably do not remember me now.” In just an instant, Qiao Qiao had entered a different state, becoming straightforward and orderly. Her gaze had only rested on Bluesea for a moment before she quickly ascertained the situation. She gave a courteous nod but did not ask about the matter. Then, she continued, “There is no physical switch for these laser emitters, only a portable remote switch, which the Coalition leader carries with him at all times. He would only open it when he is bringing me food. I tried to steal it twice and even seize it by force once. Unfortunately, all my attempts failed. He… … is just too strong.”If one were to use normal diving equipment to move forward, that person would likely encounter many dangerous situations. Thankfully however, there was Miao Yan there to pave a path forward. Her equipment could properly illuminated their surroundings. At the same time, it also possessed a radar, helping her avoid all the dangerous spots. After moving forward for roughly 10 minutes, the two of them reached a junction in the river. Miao Yan’s radar was quick to help her find the way.“Because, if the cycle is not restored, it is just a matter of time before the Development Team finds out about the irregular situation here.” Chen Xiaolian continued for Bluesea. “If those from the Upper Plane decides to switch to manual clearing, it is possible that all the Irregularities here will be found out as well and cleared out.”“One final reminder, there are security personnel assigned within Zero City. If a violation of rules occurs, Zero City reserves the following right: Including but not limited to the corporal punishment, incarceration, demand for compensation, permanent exile and other forms of punishment towards the violators of these rules.

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