Da Gang recalled the events that occurred all those years ago. Back then, he was a small and thin child who had to witness that ill-tempered man’s savage treatment toward his mother; how that ill-tempered man would then punch him after that and how the kind hearted woman would use her frail body to protect him…

Chen Xiaolian quickly considered the situation at hand before issuing his orders, “Everyone, gather up with those closest to you first before heading toward Roddy’s position together, the main control room in the left wing of the third floor. Be vigilant for any surprise attacks and stay safe.”“The attack did not pierce through her protective suit. It is just an ordinary sniper rifle. These things can be found easily enough in instance dungeons.” Sebast looked at his life signature device. “The life signature detector cannot differentiate between Irregularities and Awakened ones. I also do not know where that sniper is hiding. However… … I am feeling curious about that sniper.”“I…” Roddy let out a bitter smile and pointed at his head. “Truth be told, I have always been awake! More accurately, I had never lost consciousness! The things that happened within the underground research institute, I know of them all. I could hear it and also feel it. Unfortunately, I could not control my body. I was unable to move, speak or even open my eyes. It was like I had… lost control of my own body.”“This fellow has too much of a tendency to shoulder everything.” Qiao Qiao narrowed her eyes and there was a trace of vexation in her tone. “No matter what happens, he would always try to shoulder it all without telling us about it – perhaps he is doing it out of goodwill in his desire to solve the issue by himself. However, this way of doing things would only make him exhausted. If he keeps doing this, then it is only a matter of time before he gets himself killed.”There was a highly bewildered expression on Chen Xiaolian. “If this world is a game like ‘World of Warcraft’, then Zero City is actually an illegal server. Although the illegal server appears to provide freedom, in the end, it is still ‘World of Warcraft’. However, that World Tree you are talking about is in fact… … programming language! By mastering it…“Guild Leader Shen… … he is not in this instance dungeon.” Riche’s mind raced quickly and he did not bring up the matter of Shen disappearing in Zero City. “After we return, when we meet him, we will surely inform him of how you saved us. When that time comes… … how should we address you?”Next, the roaring sound washed over him and he felt as though it was never going to end. This Fallen Avenger was a being with truly terrifying powers. The stone desks and pillars began cracking under the onslaught of the shockwaves. As for the dilapidated wooden benches, they were all shattered into fragments!Phoenix said indifferently, “Two years, for the outside world, it is probably just a moment. At any rate, the flow of time inside an instance dungeon works different compared to the flow of time outside. I also agree with Nagase Komi. There is no way we can stay here for two years. Even if we have the patience to do that, we cannot… … Chen Xiaolian, how much supplies did you bring with you in your storage equipment?”

According to history, in the Battle of Changban, Cao Cao had led his army to Xinye to accept Liu Yu’s surrender. Liu Bei, who was stationed at Fancheng, only discovered the fact after Cao Cao had made his way to Wancheng. Thus, he began fleeing toward Jiangling. Cao Cao, fearing that Liu Bei could obtain military supplies in Jiangling, decided to rush forward with little supplies for himself. When he reached Xiangyang, he heard that Liu Bei had already left the place. Once again, he decided to rush forward, leading 5,000 elite cavalries to give chase. Traversing 300 lis in one day and night, he finally caught up to Liu Bei in Dangyang, Changban (1 li = 0.5 km).“In other words, they had long since expected that there will be a surprise attack on the main tent?” said Lun Tai with knitted brows. “Looking at the time, we have only been in this instance dungeon for a while. After realizing there was a surprise attack, he must have instructed his subordinates to search for Cao Cao’s main tent and assigned his elite members there to safeguard the tent.”“From a logical point of view… … it makes no sense,” said Lun Tai in a serious tone. “The reason the system issued out this quest is because it had detected Zhao Yun’s existence. Thus, it had summoned so many Awakened ones to enter this instance dungeon at the same time to assist with its attempt to kill her. Assuming that her death in this instance dungeon equates to freeing her, why would the system do all this?”They had originally thought that this was just a [B] class instance dungeon. At present however, Thorned Flower Guild, a super great guild had joined the fray. Moreover, they had revealed their strength right off the bat. Ignoring the instance dungeon quest, they had gone after the other participants – this behaviour posed an extreme level of danger.Granted, the silvery luminescence emanating from their swords was something that not even the Ion Pulse Sword could cut through and their swordsmanship was truly outstanding, capable of deflecting most of the energy beams that Nicole had fired at them. However, even if their opponent’s firepower was lesser when compared to the Floater mech armour, to passively allow themselves to be beaten up like this would only mean getting fully defeated in the end.“Don’t you worry about that. I happen to have the best surveying technology at my disposal and thought I’d try my luck… to me, this is simply spending a little bit of money as a gamble. If I win this gamble, I will get millions back in returns. If I lose… I’ll just lose a little bit of money.”

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