As they were speeding through an intersection, Chen Xiaolian caught sight of a tall building from far away. The sight of this tall building made Chen Xiaolian extremely puzzled. He clearly recalled that this building and many others were already destroyed by the time he and his team left Tokyo yesterday.

“First, we cannot let the two women leave our line of sight. Second, we cannot let Dr Mu leave our line of sight! At present, they are the important characters,” Chen Xiaolian explained. “I believe that Jack the Ripper would definitely come looking for these two women. As for Dr Mu, he is the guide character that the system had tasked us with protecting. We must ensure his survival.”“En, it is good that you understand. Also, there is no need to stress yourself out. What I did earlier was simply me trying to help us to survive… It may be more accurate to say that I was trying to help myself survive. There is no need for you to be so thankful to me; all of us have the desire to live. Besides… back then, for a woman to face something like that, I do not blame you for being scared. It is simply a normal thing for everyone.”“All right! Now, everyone is here. The dead Bai Qi and Zhao Yun, Cheng Cheng and Gabriel, who had locked themselves up in an instance dungeon, and… the least knowledgeable, the one who had only just obtained the status of God, Chen Xiaolian.” Duwei put out two fingers and lightly rapped the stone slab. “And now, the story begins! Shen, about your part, do you want to tell us yourself, or should I do it?”“Our Guild Leader’s decision? Of course it is his decision!” Lun Tai finally stopped sneering. Instead, his tone grew increasingly furious. “Letting him go alone is bad enough, you didn’t even bother telling us about this? What? Do you not have enough credit in your guild channel? Just tell me, then! I’ll top it up for you!”“It turns out you are a little beauty! It seems Heavens did not abandon me! Pulling me all the way from the Aegean Sea to this damned train, to think that there would be such a wonderful harvest waiting for me here! Little beauty, come! Come follow uncle, uncle here will take you to enjoy the taste of the most beautiful of sights this world has to offer, all right?” The longhaired man stared at Soo Soo’s face, his face filled with emotion. “What a lovely loli, it has been so long since I have seen such a cute loli… wu…”“I think it might be more complicated than this.” Chen Xiaolian sighed and continued to reveal his speculations, “Maybe this is a storyline. Maybe… in the first phase, having all the quest targets named Belial is part of the storyline. Maybe, in this storyline, these people with the surname Belial are all the descendants of the demon. Or perhaps, they are demon candidates… … whatever the case, after the participants have found their quest targets, following their choice, they would be assigned to different factions in the storyline.”Bluesea stared at the wing mirrors with widened eyes and was able to see all that was transpiring with the tank. He hastily pulled the hand brake; at the same time, he slammed both feet down on both the accelerator and the brake. Without missing a beat, he then turned the steering wheel to its limit.“I am just a manager who oversees the operations of the program, a program that manages, something like a GM. I am not the Development Team, I am not an omnipotent God. Clearly though, you do not understand that and actually think of me as a God.” The old man’s tone was very calm. “Chen Xiaolian, you should understand something. If dead Irregularities could be resurrected after their deaths, why would I help you and cooperate with you? If there is a way for me to resurrect you after you die, won’t this game become too easy?

“I am very sceptical about that.” Lun Tai frowned and continued, “Back in the Jerusalem instance dungeon, we did not confront Mene head-on. The same goes to you, Guild Leader. Although you did kill off one of his guild members, it would appear that you did not actually fight Mene head-on. This message that Mene left, I speculate that his objective is not you.”“Phase Angel! Domain Check!” Angel Wu quickly shouted through their communication channel. A green coloured mech beside him swiftly responded. The two high-powered discharge-type equipment on both its shoulders immediately released a special disruption wave. The disruption wave took the form of a fan as it sprayed forward.Chen Xiaolian then smiled and walked over. Reaching a spot that was not too distant from Miao Yan; he pulled out a chair and sat himself down. Looking at the glasses and the decanter filled with red wine placed on the table, he helped himself by pouring a glass for himself. “This seems to be good.”“… I understand.” Gibbs stood up and looked at Chen Xiaolian. “Adam is not an AI. You can’t just give him instructions and think that he will help you with it… … he is a life form with self-awareness. Thus, he possesses emotions. Do you understand? He is like a real child that can feel. In order to get him to do something, you must connect with him and coax him so as to develop a closer relationship with him.”“Yes, what about having skills in the mechanical field? I never said that I had super skills like you Awakened ones. The mechanical skill that I am talking about is the skill I developed by growing up in this place. You know full well that this place has too many black technology. As for me, I’ve loved tinkering with electronics since my younger days. However, children in the outside world could at most tinker around with some electrical appliances, remote control toys, radio or the likes.“Son of a bitch! A mature Karra beast! To leave a mature beast intact, how the Hell did those hapless fools clear this instance dungeon?!” There was a livid expression on Wu Ya’s face as he forcefully pulled the control shaft. The Thunderstorm Tank immediately moved in reverse as it retreated.

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