“All right.” Looking at the calm expression on Bluesea’s face, Chen Xiaolian gently cleared his throat and said slowly, “Due to Skyblade’s departure, Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild lost a personal pillar of strength. Although you bitterly tried to support the guild, it continued to slowly decline. In the end… … Mr Bluesea, your face!”The three of them took a car and drove home. On the way, they casually talked about some stuff that friends would usually talk about after meeting again. Arslan talked about what he had experienced in the past year. Chen Xiaolian and Roddy also talked about their past year experiences. Their chat was quite the warm and passionate one.

Chen Xiaolian had jumped through the air. However, due to the restrictions placed upon them by the system, the sword that was slashing down was unable to reach the stairs. Chen Xiaolian’s lunge had seemingly brought him far. However, when he finally landed, he was still at the same spot he was before jumping out.“In order to split the items, the item itself must be something that can be split.” Duwei smiled. “All of us wants the Oddity. However, as individuals, none of us possessed the ability to take it for ourselves. In the end, we had to accept that none of us can take it and leave it here. It is very logical, don’t you think? However…”“Sigh, what do you know? Youngsters these days all have an open mind set. After getting into social media, they’ll just have gunfire arrangements everywhere [1]. That Chen Xiaolian usually appears like a gentlemen, yet he is actually so capable. To think that he is even capable of tricking such a tender little girl to dance into the palm of his hands.”Han’s face was ugly to behold as he stared at the river. He then whispered, “Very difficult… we’re in the rainy season right now and the water level of the river is very high. If we are in another season, then our jeeps might be able to make it across. But now… the water level is too deep and our vehicles would not be able to make it across… if we are to try to swim across… with so many elderly and young with us, I fear that would not be feasible. Even if we do make it across, we won’t be able to get far!”Qiao Qiao ran quickly and Xia Xiaolei was only barely able to keep up with her. However, after running a distance of roughly 20 metres, Xia Xiaolei suddenly turned tense. He felt a chilling breeze blowing at the back of his left side and he jerked his head back. He seemingly saw a silhouette flash through the industrial park there.“I… am not a bad person,” Yu Jiajia bit down on her lips. “Back in the sports field, I chose not to do anything because… last time, I had stopped them from bullying that person. However, I heard that they later went to beat up that person anyways. In fact, they went and gave him an even worse beating. That is why I…”“It is the core foundation of Zero City. Or rather… … it is part of this world’s template.” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Merging with it takes time. During that time, the system could discover the Oddity’s existence at any moment. However, if I am inside an instance dungeon, I will have another layer of obstruction. That way, it will be slightly more difficult for the system to detect me. Even so, the probability of the system finding me is still there. Thus, the purpose of the copied personality was to let me die once.“Sigh, don’t mention it. My school made me participate in an aircraft model competition. My precious summer break is spent with me rushing everywhere to participate all for the sake of bringing back a few trophies for my school. If not for the fact that there is award money for it, I would not even bother with it. Let me tell you, I had just returned from abroad yesterday. But today, I have to set off again from Hangzhou. The organizing committee for the domestic competition is particularly miserly. They were not willing to buy plane tickets for us and instead had us going by train, with hard sleeper bunks at that!”

“Is there a point in discussing that right now? That equipment consists of two parts, each part is with one of us right now. Thus, it cannot be used at all. As long as you give it to me temporarily, we will be able to transfer in items from the outside. The most important issue now is, is your part with you or is it outside?”He gave Chen Xiaolian a glance. “What is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of death. I think that there are many different explanations for those two. However, in your case… Why is Chen Xiaolian Chen Xiaolian? That is because you have lived for eighteen years, your eighteen years’ worth of life, all your memories, all your feelings… they all come together to form ‘you’. However… if all those feelings, memories and experience are erased… then, from a self-awareness perspective, ‘you’ are already dead.”“Do not ask me that! I have never stepped foot inside this place,” Fujino Masayoshi cried out. “I have been here for nine years, but I have never entered this place! The tunnel we came through was one specifically made for researchers. One that I have never once came through! I… wu wu wu wu wu…”“It is true that I have no evidence.” Bluesea slowly nodded his head. Next, he turned to look at all four of them. “However, just think about it. All of Zero City’s systems are down. This has never happened before. In the past, whenever something is going on, even the smallest error can be detected by making a query through Zero City’s system interface.Chen Xiaolian continued smiling softly. “That is right! This is a [B] Class – Attack Exemption Card, a special system equipment that cannot be traded away. When used, we will not be automatically attacked by any system monsters within 30 minutes… naturally, it is of no effect against bosses.”

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