“Big sis, I never asked you to leave with me… …” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “If so, does that mean that the people I want to take away will suffer the same fate as Bai Qi? Have their memories and consciousness taken away, sealed off in some instance dungeon as a BOSS, and can only wait to be killed off by someone else? Or… … if they are lucky, be adopted as a War Pet.”

[Third requirement: Activate the hidden magic array on the island… … after successfully activating the magic array, the game participants from the light faction will attack. Maintain the array for at least 30 minutes to complete the quest. The death of every member before 30 minutes are up or the destruction of the magic array means the failure to complete the quest.Aderick shook his head and looked at Theodore. There was a hint of disappointment in his eyes. Next, he turned to look at Guan Shan and found that Guan Shan’s face was calm. It seemed as though he possessed an understanding of everything. Aderick was unable to stop himself from sighing inwardly: Although this man Bluesea trained is now somewhat weaker in terms of strength, his state of mind is outstanding.“True. Other than you, the mascot, there isn’t another high-ranking member who obtained the title through pure power. It is truly the weakest.” Chen Xiaolian turned toward Lun Tai and said with a smile, “This Jiang Long fellow wants to make use of this opportunity to quickly expand their power.”Raising their heads, they were incapable of seeing the ceiling! All that they would see was the faint fluorescence emitted by some fluorite-like minerals embedded into the structure of the ceiling, seemingly concealed in its design. It shone like the blinking stars and when they saw it for the first time, they believed themselves to be standing under the starry night skies. What a glorious sight!Suddenly, he leaned over and whispered into Nicole’s ear, “That Mene has got some tricks up his sleeves. I once heard that the mad knights’ guild possessed a certain wondrous power. They would place the lives of every member inside a totem, which Mene will personally carry with him. Thus, they can be brought back to life as long as Mene lives. Even if every one of them died, as long as Mene lives, those who died can be resurrected. However…”Within the defensive perimeter, all the turrets were firing desperately. Flames erupted out on the ground as the formless waves of light furiously broke down the energy beams fired out by the turrets. Under the barrage by the defensive perimeter, the formless waves of light gradually weakened, becoming more transparent and finally disappearing.Lun Tai spoke in a hushed tone, his voice slightly hoarse, “We are unable to get a clear picture. I contacted some of my acquaintances within the Awakened circle. Contact with Zero City has been severed. This news is beginning to spread through the Awakened circle. Many of the Awakened ones who entered Zero City could not be contacted anymore. No one came out.”“Although I have no evidence, I am certain of one thing. Among those seven emergency contacts whom we had lost contact with, some must had been either dealt with or devoured by ‘our own men’, those who had once depended on us and served us. Maybe, they have begun thinking about targeting us by making use of the emergency contacts to find us… …

“No no no.” Tian Lie smiled as he shook his head. “Dear Natasha, please stop probing me. That fellow, Odin, never drinks. Just one sip will cause his face to turn red. That poor fellow. Even though he is a Nordic fellow, he is allergic to alcohol. However, the codfish he cooked was very delicious.”“Yes, the temporary teleportation portal. I heard you mumbling to yourself when you were talking to Zero City earlier. I had arrived before that.” Miao Yan laughed and continued, “If it were not because I knew there was a way out, did you think I would come out to assist you and face such a terrifying opponent? I am simply no match for him.”The second item was a skill, Elemental Shift, a [B] class skill. By utilizing the skill, its user can transform his or her body into an elemental state to become immune to all physical attacks. However, depending on the level of the skill, there were varying types of restrictions. The basic skill required 3,500 points. However, the transformed state could only be maintained for five minutes and its cool down was a whopping 24 hours. Additionally, the offensive part of the skill must be purchased separately.“… … I am sorry.” Bluesea kneaded his face forcefully. “I am feeling very flustered… … even so, I believe it would not be difficult for you to understand! This is Zero City! This is our home! And you… … somehow, it would appear that you can control everything in Zero City? An outsider has obtained the authority and control over our home. In face of such a scenario, how can I not feel flustered? How can I not lose my sense of reason? Chen Xiaolian! I need an explanation!”“Theoretically speaking, after we have been separated, the both of us have become two independent entities. However, from the perspective of the continuation of life, we have gained the possibility of surviving. I am its continuation, its heir, its doppelganger, or backup… you can consider me to be something like that.“This matter is too unbelievable. I have never encountered such an incident before. For the system to erase all traces of an Awakened after that person died… although we no longer find it strange for an Awakened to be refreshed, this whole no resurrection as an ordinary human and the complete erasure of the person’s existence is simply too strange.” Bluesea looked at Chen Xiaolian. “It is clear that you know something and that you are hiding it. Although I do not plan on forcing this issue… … I have a faint guess about this matter. I fear this is not something negligible.

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