“Firstly, Shen did not possess my Guiding Link Fire. The thing he was using is the Lifehymn Music Score that you are using right now. That item is something that they had only just created. That was their first time using it. I could not be certain that he could actually bring me and Bai Qi back properly or if there are any adverse side effects. Looking at it right now… …” Sister Yun smiled. “It would appear there are indeed side effects.”The three Garfield doppelgangers fell to the floor and the black coloured flames spread through the surface of their bodies. It would appear that the black coloured flames were inflicting a great deal of damage toward them, leading to them being unable to even stand up. They could only howl in pain as they struggled against the black coloured flames.“Besides, most of the core components are not installed yet. At present, it is only outfitted with basic mobility components. It has no weapons installed and it also cannot perform intense movements. However… … the energy shield is fully installed. In other words, its shield is useable. All you need to do is enter it and activate its energy shield. After that, just sit back and watch the fireworks.”“Because the world is ever changing.” Qiao Yifeng’s tone became solemn. “Guilds would grow strong, then fall weak and then be exterminated. Zero City has been around for a long time. During those many years, various guilds had managed to acquire the qualifications to become resident guilds in Zero City. After becoming resident guilds, they would develop and flourish, then…”“This is not something that we should be worried about.” Phoenix sighed and continued, “Since he is wanted by Thorned Flower Guild, then all we need to know is that if we encounter him, even if we don’t make enemies of him, we must not cooperate with him. There is no need for us to bring the wrath of Thorned Flower Guild down on our heads.”“Are you sure that is a good idea? By now, your house might have burnt down to ashes. Perhaps, it might currently be occupied by a horde of monsters! Say we consent to let you go… less than one minute after leaving us, you would end up encountering those monsters on the road and be torn to shreds!“He should possess excellent skills,” The man in black tried to use the most accurate and concise words as he spoke. “From the way he walks, it appears that he is maintaining a constant state of vigilance. That should be a subconscious form of action. Only someone who has undergone a great deal of danger would have this type of characteristic. Additionally… I have this feeling.”Despite wearing an immaculate white coloured trench coat, he appeared nonchalant as he sat down before raising his head to gaze at the stars in the sky. After observing with amazement for a while, he gave out a bitter laugh. “Such a beautiful sky would cause anyone who looks at it for too long to get lost in its beauty.”

“Like I said, it is still incomplete. Did you think that a 63.7 per cent completed Energyquake Bomb can unleash 63.7 per cent of the power needed to destroy a planet? It is not that simple. Many critical parts remain incomplete. Given the limited amount of time we have, I can only help you finish this thing up to the point where you can blow it up. The power of its explosion… … it could probably send this underground workshop flying into the air.”Chen Xiaolian suddenly sneered and said, “I used an irregular power? Wrong! Back then, it was obviously you who controlled me to utilize that power… … is it wrong for me to say, the one who actually attracted the main system’s killing intent is not me, but you? It would be more accurate to say that the one the main system wants to kill is not me. Rather, it is… … you!”This world that the two old monsters had controlled… … or rather, ‘modified’, time had slowed down by 3,600 times. Thus, all time measuring devices on her, be it her normal watch or the timer on her personal system, all of them cannot be used. Even so, she could still gauge the passage of time by herself.“It is all right! The Japanese traffic police and ordinary police do not carry firearms [2]. If we are in the US, the police would have opened fire by now,” Roddy rolled down the windows, allowing the wind to blow inside before extending his hand out as he shoved the middle finger towards the back!“So fast?” Roddy knitted his brows. “We still have three days before the instance dungeon opens. With the Tidal Fighter, we can reach the place in just a few hours’ time. Is there a need for us to head there with such urgency? Many participants will be arriving one after another before the instance dungeon opens. I know that the system had stated that all the participants will be on the same faction and conflicts over the quest will not erupt. Even so, with so many participants gathered together, there is no way to guarantee that nothing will happen.”“When you put it that way, that Coalition you speak of is established for the sake of restarting the refresh function of this Recycle Bin? However, I do not get it. How did you conclude that killing off all the other Awakened ones will restart the Recycle Bin’s refresh function?” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Besides, I am an Irregularity, not one of the targets for automated clearing. So why did you and Deiha immediately attack me once you saw me?”Seeing that the metal fence of the area had already collapsed, Lun Tai activated his Muscle Fruit skill and his muscles exploded with power as his body transformed into that of a lesser giant. Tossing away the gun in his hand, he reached out with his hand, picked up a piece of concrete rock and threw it away. Then, he shouted, “Hurry! Run outside!”

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